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but i'm still living in my parent's basement.  sometimes life gives you lemons and on top of that sometimes it turns the vehicles you have available to you into lemons and two of them break down at the same time along with the hot water heater. i've always hated driving and tried to do it as little as possible (much to the chagrin of everyone i've made drive me around... sorry, i know i should drive myself places... but i'm a jerk and i don't want to.) since i've got no money or credit and my parents could only afford to get something for my mom to use and she works all day, i've basically been stuck at home with no way to get anywhere that i might be able to find a job for myself.

if it didn't feel so wrong to me to market myself like a cheap piece of meat i could probably make some money doing art related stuff here and there... to be honest though i'm not sure i've got the social skills to do that.  i've also got a few ideas for some things i'd like to make... not so much art stuff as much as functional things with a use that also look nice... sometimes.  i've got ideas for art stuff too though.

i've had a lot of time on my hands recently so my mind has been fairly free to wander and land on some ideas here and there.  i may try a kickstarter for some of them once i do more research on how to actually get them made and flesh some of these ideas out a bit more.

the latest Drizzt book came out recently... i haven't bought it yet even though i'd really been looking forward to it 'cause i've only got like $50 in my bank account and who knows, i may need it for something.

my dog hurt himself somehow today. he isn't bleeding or anything but there seems to be something up with his back right leg.  he won't jump, go up stairs, or walk around very much. when he does walk he's taking it easy on that back right leg. i hope he gets to feeling better soon.  if he doesn't i'm sure we'll take him to the vet.
*update* my dog is starting to feel better already.  he's walking around and hesitantly going up stairs. still won't jump though.

so yea crap happens and sometimes life gives you lemons but i still feel like life's ok... and thanks to life you're a few lemons richer than you used to be.
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March 26, 2014